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Function Restore

George Anderson

I thought out Greg Mihovich’ expertise due to hip pain and tightness. My glutes where not firing when I squatted and with the hip pain my squat was imbalanced and I was leaning to the right. My hip would actually give out when I would walk due to the pain.

I’ve been powerlifting for over 25 years and I have encountered many injuries along the way. On top of that as a Police Officer I often sit in a tight car for 10-15 hours at a time.

After 8 intense rehab and mobility sessions with Greg I had no pain and my body was working correctly and I was able to squat without pain and I have all the correct muscles firing.

Greg is a true professional and is extremely knowledgeable. You just need to put the work in and listen to what he says.

Thank you Greg I very much look forward to working with you again in the future!

Justin Wells

Working with Greg was my last resort. I had seen several doctors, had several scans, and completed months of PT to address seemingly unending pain and tension in my neck and right shoulder.

None of it worked. Figuring Greg would at least have a different approach I decided to try him before turning to more serious measures to address the issue.

Not only did Greg almost immediately identify the underlying cause of the problem, I felt better even after our first session. With only a few sessions, some home exercises, and small adjustments to my daily movements, Greg was able to completely eliminate the issues I was having.

I cannot recommend working with him strongly enough and suggest you save a lot of time and money and speak with him earlier than I did.

Fred Mohr

Steel Mace Nation Podcast

As a Captain for the fire dept and a man in his 40s I wanted to work on my performance. With guys half my age to work with I don’t want to just keep up, I want to be able to set the pace and lead!

Greg delivers a well thought out and comprehensive training program that doesn’t beat me up but makes me feel good and in a short time feel stronger!

Besides feeling stronger I have also reconnected with my body and notice my posture is better and my lower back never gets tight when I’m standing in my fire boots for long periods of time.

Erika C.

Greg has trained me to access both physical strength and mental resilience. When an unrelated injury knocked me down, he helped me to stand up.

With his guidance, I have avoided surgery and am working toward a strong recovery. And my victory is celebrated by a larger community he has built of people from all walks of life.


I just finished my training with Greg and I have to say what an excellent experience, a true professional of the highest caliber.

I’ve been struggling with a pelvic tilt for some time now and training with Greg is the ticket to success. I haven’t felt my glutes or hamstrings fire like that in a long time!

Just after one session my belly bulge is gone and it feels way better just standing straight. My pelvis is now in a proper position and it feels so good.

Adam Geisler, CEO of Soccer Stars

When I met Greg on a recommendation from a good friend I was in good physical shape but I had a lot of chronic pain in my hips and back.

Greg basically had to rebuild my foundation from the ground up. We worked on highly functional movements that I had never done and focused on fundamental movement techniques I wish I had been doing my whole life.

Over the course of 3 months, we have dramatically improved everything from my walk, to my flexibility and core strength. For the first time in over 4 years, I was pain-free in my hips, back and shoulders, coupled with amazing gains in strength and movement control.

Greg is a phenomenal physical and mental coach and I’m extremely thankful to have met him and to learn from him.

Pam Olsen – 23, Healthcare Student, Rugby Player

I was referred to Greg Mihovich by a trusted functional neurology professional with whom I had worked with for several years to manage chronic pain.

My high expectations for Greg’s training sessions were definitely exceeded. Greg’s expertise of martial arts, exercise science, and neurology combine to individualize every training session he creates.

For example, I never expected a trainer to be capable of managing chronic pain and improving athletic performance simultaneously. Not only did I experience a substantial minimization of chronic pain, but also my performance on the rugby pitch improved tremendously, so much so that my team won our division championship, and I was nominated for the Most Improved Player award.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I have learned about coordination and safety in real-life scenarios. Greg is extremely adept in his ability to challenge a person at a precise balance between manageability and insightfulness. I am truly grateful for every opportunity I have to work with Greg.

Adrian Lungu

Greg is my health/physical trainer for the past 10 years. I started my training with him at the time when I just lost my meniscus in my right knee and tore my left hamstring. I was a mess and I couldn’t even do a squat. We have fixed all that to the point that not only that I managed to pass the fitness test for my 4th degree black belt, but I was back competing.

He had introduced in my development a new type of balance/strength training. This has been a REAL life changer for me. I see marked improvements in my range of motion, strength increase and pain reduction from week to week and I cannot describe how balanced my body/mind feels. And I thought I was in good health and physical condition before!

Greg’s depth of knowledge of so many training techniques and martial arts, the way he explains every movement/motion, his patience… make him an outstanding trainer!

Luis Rivera

I went to Greg because of my two herniated disks in my lower back. I was in constant pain and my mobility was suffering.

He gave my whole body an evaluation and we began working together to correct all of my weak links. The level of detail Greg has for his exercises and movements is incredible. I can honestly say he changed the way I move and think.

Now my back pain is gone. I have basically rebuilt my body with proper body mechanics, and by making it strong again. If you need a personal trainer for strength or physical rehab, do not hesitate. Greg is your guy.

Lena B.

It has been couple of years since my son Alexander began working with Greg. As a mother, I was concerned about my child’s unusual way of walking and running as well as some asymmetry in his body, despite the fact that none of the doctors found any abnormality.

I was lucky to meet Greg. He is not just someone who knows a lot about movement and martial arts and never stops learning, but the person who is able to teach in a unique way, always adjusting and modifying the class to make it clear and interesting for a student.

I can see a dramatic improvement in my son’s body mechanics as well as constantly growing healthy self-confidence, which is extremely important for a boy becoming a teenager soon.

Greg’s professionalism paired with great personality makes him a wonderful coach. Highly recommend!

Top Performance Strength

Lenny Kushnir

I have been training with Greg for the better part of 10 years, and have found that this is the only training method that keeps me strong, fit, injury free and provides me with an ever-increasing understanding of body mechanics.

As someone who plays competitive sports, I can clearly feel the advantage training with Greg provides me. Simply put: I don’t want to train anywhere else.

Captain Richard Cummings
Deal Police Department (Retired)

I have known Greg for more than 10 years. He has been my personal trainer for that time and has kept me in excellent physical health.

I am in my mid-seventies and can still do some amazing things in the gym with Greg by my side. (And still have a 32inch waist.)

Greg has always been an honest, fair, caring and extremely knowledgeable trainer and businessman, who goes out of his way to serve his students. If you are looking to get yourself started or even if you are very experienced, Greg is the person to see.

Beny Rivera

If you are in the jersey area make it to see Coach Greg, he is one of the most intelligent coaches I have had the pleasure to learn from.. Make it worth your while and if new to kettlebells and want to learn more about them well no place better then his facility!!!

Paul D.

Greg’s workouts are expertly-planned, personalized, unique, condensed and will get you in the best of shape of your life if you are committed to it.

I keep a very busy schedule and with 2 or 3 one hour workouts a week I stay in great shape. Greg is extremely knowledgeable and attentive and has helped me strengthen weak areas where I have sustained injuries through the years.

If you looking for a unique, challenging experience and want to unlock your inner strengths — you are home. The only requirement is to show up and commit to the process.

Mike Marone

Highly recommend Greg to anyone looking for new, interesting, highly effective and fun ways to sharpen skills, increase strength, coordination, agility, physique, you name it. Everything is thought out and geared to improve your weaknesses and reach your goals.

Herrick Super

As a professional Artistic Breakdancer, I would recommend young adults , extreme athletes, dancers, martial artist and over all anyone that is looking for a different approach in fitness to train with Greg Mihovich. You’ll Love it!!!

Mike Shupin

I’ve recognized new abilities that I have acquired while training with Greg; including some major increases in my flexibility, speed, strength and endurance.

My increase in strength is realized at Shore Thing (the Wrestling Club I belong to). My shots seem a lot more accurate and with much more force. I am more balanced and faster on my feet.

This training has benefited me in all areas. My newfound strength and conditioning has built my confidence and is pushing me to be the best I can.

Greg has been a great mentor and motivator. I’m looking forward to testing my skills this wrestling season.

Ian Castaneira

After training with Greg my skills and knowledge in ground acrobatics noticeably improved. Through his CAT system he is able to implement exercises and drills that break each movement down into simple and easily understandable steps that build into increasingly more complex movements.

Since working with him and his videos which, by the way, are very easy to follow, my ability to consciously and deliberately control the movement of my body has increased dramatically. I have also learned how much your movement on the ground directly correlates to your movements while standing. I can’t say enough about Greg and his CAT system and look forward to my continued improvement through his tutelage.

Julia Fiskin

Greg brings an immense amount of skill and commitment to his movement quality and strength training practice. There’s a ton of skillsets to master, so it’s always exciting!

He masterfully adjusts his strategies to each students and our progress has been incredible! Thanks to Greg, my whole family is stronger, healthier, and more confident!

Frank Mazzi, Federal Agent

I am in law enforcement and was looking for a different approach to my training apart from the traditional gyms.

I feel and see myself getting stronger with every practice as Greg constantly tweaks and changes the stimulus so there are always new challenges. Just when you think you’ve mastered one technique, Greg challenges you with another level.

I continue to hit new milestones each week which continues to motivate me. It’s easy to be motivated because of Greg’s passion about fitness, his enthusiasm and knowledge of his craft and his constant encouragement.

Now I look forward to every training session, every body weight program, every functional mobility challenge and discussions with Greg about how to continually improve.

When you are able to see the results of your hard work, it’s the ultimate motivator. Thanks Greg!!

Laura and Scott Macomber

We just wanted to thank you for what you have done with our 15 year old son in just two and a half months. He was not a competitive kid and now he is. He was always one to shy away from attention. He now has an air of confidence we are very proud to see. Last year we were happy when he finished 3rd or 4th in a swim meet. This year he is coming in 1st, 2nd and occasionally 3rd.

At the start of the season, one of the parents came over and wanted to know what happened to my son since last season. My answer was: “kettlebell training with Greg”.

In just 2 1/2 months our son had evolved. He only had 3-4 swim lessons since last season. I attribute 90% of his success to Greg kettlebell exercises and 10% to the swim lessons. Greg’s enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence will equal great success in any teenager.

Anton Iskerskiy

Over the last few years I’ve tried a variety of calisthenics and weightlifting regiments – none of them were even close to Greg’s routines when it comes to challenge, safety and results.

It is indeed possible to spend less time on your workout, get great results and stay injury free – Greg will show you how, just ask…

Robert Kniffin

I have been a student of Greg’s for about a year and I can say I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life, I never thought I had the inner strength to train at the level I am currently at but Greg’s optimism and positive coaching has sent me soaring above my expectations.

Jesse A.

I signed up for the Marine Corps and had 6 month to get into great shape. My friends recommended Greg and I joined. What a blessing that was!

Training under Greg’s expert coaching I was studying mobility, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises along with Muay Thai Kickboxing, Grappling, Knife Fighting and Combat Systema. Every training session presented a clear objective and I felt like I was improving every week.

Long story short, after six month of solid training with Greg I went to the Marine boot camp and physical training there was relatively easy for me!

I was in the best physical condition out of the entire class and qualified for the Recon Teams. Thank you Greg! Every time I’m back to Jersey you will see me training again!

Brandon Marone

I absolutely recommend Greg’s compound conditioning system, regardless of your current fitness level.

Compound conditioning have drastically improved my level of fitness and has taken me to level never thought where possible!

Fight Ready

Sgt. Theodore Kucowski, Sniper Coordinator, Ocean County Regional SWAT

I am writing this professional reference letter for Greg Mihovich. Mr. Mihovich has been instrumental in providing tactics training to members of the Ocean County SWAT team.

He has provided expert training in the areas of weapons combatives, weapons retention, hand to hand combatives, and blade fighting.

Mr. Mihovich’s tactics are more than theory based application. His tactics are functional, practical, and reality based. Additionally, he uses a building block approach to instruction which makes learning for the student simplistic and easy to retain.

Steve Schwartz

Training with Greg is both a challenging physical and cerebral process. Whether we are practicing Muay Thai, Kick boxing, Boxing or any other Martial Art, Greg infuses new material and ideas into the workouts, keeping me focused and engaged throughout the session.

His continuing and evolving education brings additional dimensions to his knowledge that he shares with us all. I’m physically healthier and more mentally astute than I would have been if not for meeting my friend some 16 years ago. I can’t recommend his services enough. He is professional, generous, and genuine.

Olivia Goosen

The training I have received from Greg has been above par in all aspects. I have never left a session with regret!

In regards to my firearms training, Greg has been with me every step of the way. Dealing with a firearm definitely brings nerves and apprehension to the forefront, but Greg’s expertise and reassuring demeanor sets the nerves aside and creates an environment that allows the student to learn without fear.

Greg helped me from the very beginning, from choosing the best firearm for me, to learning how to shoot it for the first time, to running real life scenario drills with live ammo.

He is truly a one of a kind instructor that has made me feel safe and confident in my abilities to handle my firearm in any situation.

Shane Sheller

I’m extremely impressed by Greg’s training methodology. He is an expert in conditioning and hand to hand combat and delivers the material in easy to digest and implement practical blocks of solid training.

After leaving US Navy I’m determined to qualify for the US Special Forces and Greg’s training is the best thing to help me get there.

Jon Rimmer, Sports Fitness Specialist

I took Thai boxing lessons with Greg over a few months, and I can say this: Greg is a GREAT instructor – it’s that simple.

I can go on and on but it really isn’t more complicated than that. He is able to maintain a fast paced, challenging workout while simultaneously paying attention to the smallest instructional details – something that is much more difficult than it may appear.

As a Sports Fitness Specialist myself, I’m extremely critical of other trainers – I can count on one hand the number of trainers I’ve met who are truly qualified.

Greg without question is one of them and exemplifies everything the industry should be about: He’s a bright guy, but doesn’t complicate matters. His training is intense, but safe.

George, Police

Very realistic and practical training for the officers. Thank you Greg!

Helder Gomez

Greg has a unique way of teaching. Many Instructors can do but most fail when it comes to conveying that information effectively.

With Greg, you get both. Having attended various workshops & firearms clinics instructed by Greg, the main advice that I can give is that if you get a chance to train with Greg.. Jump at it!

Rob, Police

The integrated CQB and combatives training was excellent, simple approach and easy to understand. Our department has really benefited. Thanks Greg

Joe Ahlert, BJJ Black Belt

I would highly recommend Greg as a Muay Thai coach to any fighter looking for the striking edge, as well as to anybody who takes up Muay Thai as a hobby. Greg’s training knowledge and competitive experience helped me in my quest to become a well-rounded fighter.

Alex C, SWAT Sniper

I’ve had the pleasure to train movement, weapon combatives and CQB with Greg numerous times and his building block approach to deliver the subject information helps in retaining and mastering the skills. He also has the ability to introduce and relate the subject matter so it is applicable to my job performance.

Keith Goossen

Greg has the perfect blend of courtesy and seriousness as a fighting trainer. I went to Greg to learn something about being prepared for the altercations that inevitably come up in life.

Even though I’ve never been in a fight as an adult and don’t really expect to, I went to Greg for 3 month, expecting efficiency in the training, which he delivered. Being 54, but in good shape, he created a training outline tailored to my capabilities.

I really appreciated how Greg trained for self-defense, but also for self-offense, knowing that sometimes that’s the best course to protect yourself. Besides his intelligence and knowledge, his physical capabilities are remarkable, and I enjoyed when he let himself go a little in our training, showing what the body is capable of.

I highly recommend him as a trainer for either fighting preparedness, or for whatever physical improvement is desired.


Started my carrier as an NYPD officer doing foot patrol in Brooklyn, proper training and tactics are essential. Although I had extensive training in Jiu Jitsu and Boxing, I was lacking in tactical training particularly weapons and weapon defense.

Training with Greg Mihovich has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of self-protection.

By incorporating kali, combat systema, FSW and various other combat systems, Greg’s instruction is practical and relevant to anybody in law enforcement. Greg’s instruction doesn’t involve elaborate technique that takes years to learn, rather his teachings become very instinctive and carry over almost immediately.

Training with Greg Mihovich has helped me on more than a few occasions, and continues to be a great benefit in my career.

Rich Graham, Navy SEAL Veteran

I have been training with Greg on and off for over 13 years and the drills, skill, and techniques I have learned from him have not only tremendously helped to elevate my fitness level, but my combat readiness as well.

Greg constantly seeks more knowledge and every time we train he shows me something new. In my personal opinion, if Greg is teaching it, it’s good to go!

Max Karbainov

I did the entry level pistol course with Greg, and it was an absolute wealth of knowledge. I’d highly advise this course to anyone looking to purchase a handgun.

Over all, I had a great time and learned a ton of valuable information.

SGT Tom S., SWAT Sniper

I’ve had an opportunity to train weapon combatives and movement with Greg on several occasions. And each time I’ve been challenged and pushed to the limit of my abilities.

He is an excellent coach that uses a great building block approach that culminates as the training concludes.

He manages to make one on one training and coaching possible even in larger groups. I look forward to continuing training opportunities with him.

Training with Greg Mihovich has helped me on more than a few occasions, and continues to be a great benefit in my career.

Sam E.

Greg is without a doubt the top in his field. His wealth of knowledge is matched only by his skill in practice and his teaching technique is 2nd to none.

You will confidently walk away from every class feeling as if you have learned something effective and useful. Greg tailor’s the techniques in such a way that they work with each individuals unique movements making learning extremely natural.

Regardless of ability or age, anyone will benefit from training with Greg. I look forward to each session and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Mark Rodina, Police F/A Instructor

I found the outside the box, innovative + common sense approach extremely informative. I learned from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. One of the best rifle schools I’ve been to and with so few rounds fired. Greg is a phenomenal instructor!

Thanks for everything, the bruises, cuts, sore muscles included.

A.F., Physician

I have known Greg for the last 6 years. During this period of time he has been training my two, now teenage sons, twice a week.

My kids enjoy lessons thoroughly. They are never bored, as Greg teaches a variety of disciplines, including: grappling, kickboxing as well knife and stick techniques.

Greg is a professional – polite, punctual and respectful. I would recommend Greg for MMA training without hesitation.

Training with Greg Mihovich has helped me on more than a few occasions, and continues to be a great benefit in my career.

Sheriff’s Officer Timothy Carpenter, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

I am writing on behalf of Greg Mihovich and his approach to Law Enforcement training. I have been training with Greg for over two years and his training is dependable.

His approach to training Law Enforcement is like no other. Although Greg is not in Law Enforcement himself, he carries himself in a way that would make any Law Enforcement agency proud. He trains in the areas of Striking, Grappling, Knife Fighting, Close Quarter Combat, Rifle, Handgun, and more.

Greg’s training protocol is a must have in any Police Officer’s training. Greg’s training is geared toward the officer and not toward any specific fighting style. Greg trains a person to use their body as a weapon, and with a weapon in hand, it is simply and extension of the body.

Greg’s training increases an Officer’s confidence and allows them to perform their job and to keep a clear mind knowing if something were to go astray, he/she has the training to keep himself and the public safe.

Paul Curtis

I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about their health and wants to learn an effective real world self-defense, come down to see Greg. With the excellent training and positive attitude you will benefit both physically and mentally.

Olivia Goosen

The training I have received from Greg has been above par in all aspects. I have never left a session with regret!

In regards to my firearms training, Greg has been with me every step of the way. Dealing with a firearm definitely brings nerves and apprehension to the forefront, but Greg’s expertise and reassuring demeanor sets the nerves aside and creates an environment that allows the student to learn without fear.

Greg helped me from the very beginning, from choosing the best firearm for me, to learning how to shoot it for the first time, to running real life scenario drills with live ammo.

He is truly a one of a kind instructor that has made me feel safe and confident in my abilities to handle my firearm in any situation.

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