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Greg Mihovich - Max Capable
Who is Greg Mihovich?

Who is Greg Mihovich?


About Greg

About Greg

  • Full time professional coach since 2001
  • Certified Striking, Grappling, Clinch, Knife, Stick and Firearm Instructor
  • Recognized as one of the pioneers and industry’s leaders in Unconventional Physical Training Methods with Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Suspension Systems and Joint Mobilization
  • Former competitive experience in Muay Thai, Boxing, San Da, Kickboxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Grappling
  • Founder of Underground Gym (2003) & Max Capable (2017)
  • Senior Adviser to National Personal Training Institute, NJ Division
  • Published author across many publications, such as Onnit, My Mad Methods, Physical Living, Underground Strength Coach and others, on topics of Functional Fitness, Mobility and Martial Arts
  • Creator of “Compound Conditioning System”, “Animal Conditioning Bodyweight System”, “Combat Acrobatic Training System” video series available via digital download.
  • Taught over 75 Workshops Nationally and 15 Internationally, on topics of Self-Preservation, Combat Clinch, Tactical Pistol, Tactical Rifle, Combat Mobility, Kettlebell Training, Bodyweight Conditioning, Joint Mobility and other fitness and combat related topics
  • Co-Creator of “Combat Mobility System: Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Movement with Firearms”, along with Rich Graham, Navy SEAL Veteran
  • Law Enforcement Agencies Trained: NJ Transit, Monmouth County Emergency Response Team, Monmouth Police Academy, Ocean County SWAT Sniper Team, Passaic SWAT.


  • Full Spectrum Warrior Firearms Instructor, under Navy SEAL Veteran Rich Graham
  • Condition Gray Firearms Instructor
  • Senior Advisor/Coach for Nate Morrison’s RIKR, elite military and special operations physical preparation training program
  • Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, under Masters Jon Heliotis and Adimir Olivera
  • Muay Thai Instructor, under Master Dmitry Piasetsky
  • Extreme Self-Protection Instructor, under Coach Mark Hatmaker
  • Combat Systema Instructor, under Master Kevin Secours
  • Knife and Stick Fighting Instructor, under Master Barry Cudda
  • Panantukan Instructor, under Master Dan Sullivan
Key Teachers

Key Teachers

Ultimately, I owe much of my knowledge and skills to the excellent teachers that I’ve had over the years, authors of the books I’ve read, my training partners, my students, as well as a heavy dose of natural curiosity, enthusiasm and a keen passion for adventure, research, experimentation and, of course, lots and lots of training practice. I was lucky to have as my teachers some of the best martial artists in the world, including:

  • Dmitry Piasetsky (3-time World Professional Muay Thai Champion)
  • Boris Byzak (European Judo Champion and USSR Judo and Sambo Champion)
  • John Durkin (trainer of World boxing champions)
  • Joe Ahlert (BJJ Black Belt and MMA Champion)
  • Renzo Gracie (World renown MMA fighter and BJJ competitor)
  • Mark Hatmaker (Extreme Self Protection Founder)
  • Joe Viz (BJJ and Judo Black Belt)
  • Andy Rodgiro (multiple National and Pan Ams Judo Champion)
  • Vladimir Vasiliev (10 year Russian Spetsnaz veteran and the Head of North American Systema Federation)
  • Barry Cuda Yebwabnick (Blade Smart Kali Founder)
  • Martin Wheeler (Senior Systema Instructor, Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Coach)
  • Kevin Secours (Combat Systema founder and Personal Protection Specialist)
  • Jason Scully (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt)
  • Michael Grudev (Systema Izvor)
  • Sean Brandt (Sayoc Kali & Atienza Kali)
  • Jon Heleotis (BJJ Second Degree Black Belt)
  • Ted Kucowski (SWAT Sniper and FBI Sniping Instructor)
  • Erik Paulson (MMA World Champion)
  • Rich Graham (Navy SEAL Veteran, Tactical Firearms and Full Spectrum Warrior Trainer)
  • Dan Sullivan (BJJ Black Belt; Muay Thai, Silat and Panantukan Coach)
  • Peter Weckauf (Founder and Head Coach of SAMI Combat International)

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