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Greg Mihovich


  • Max Capable Founder

  • Full Spectrum Warrior Instructor, under Navy SEAL Veteran Rich Graham

  • Condition Gray Firearms Instructor

  • Reactive Mobility Certified Representative, under Coach Steve Pucciarelli

  • —————————————————————–

  • Former Senior RIKR Advisor/Coach, military and special operations physical preparation training program

  • Former Senior Adviser to National Personal Training Institute, NJ branch

  • —————————————————————–

  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, under Master Jon Heliotis

  • Muay Thai Instructor, under Master Dmitry Piasetsky

  • Extreme Self-Protection Instructor, under Coach Mark Hatmaker

  • Combat Systema Instructor, under Master Kevin Secours

  • Knife and Stick Fighting Instructor, under Master Barry Cudda

  • Panantukan Instructor, under Master Dan Sullivan

  • Law Enforcement Night Vision Instructor, by Bill Blowers

  • Law Enforcement Red Dot Pistol Instructor, by Samuel DeSimone of Evolution Training Solutions

  • Law Enforcement Low Light Engagements Instructor, by Samuel DeSimone of Evolution Training Solutions

  • —————————————————————–

  • Renegade Strength & Conditioning Coach, by Coach John Davies

  • Suples Bulgarian Bag Instructor, by Coach Mike Salemi

About Greg Mihovich Max Capable Tactical Training

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals with effective training methods in order to reach their full physical and mental performance potential in the matters of Physical Performance and Self Protection.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convinience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controvercy.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
About Greg Mihovich Max Capable Tactical Training

What makes MAX CAPABLE different?

Mobility and Strength Training Approach

We holistically train our mind and body for maximum performance over a lifetime via practicing movement skills utilizing individualized neuro-physical approach.

Compound Conditioning System was born as my ongoing synthesis of various training modalities and methodologies that I have been practicing over the years. The name “Compound Conditioning” came along due to numerous factors:

  • The compound, multi-joint nature of the actual movements that formed the bulk of our training
  • The fact that the system is a hybrid, pulling effective training techniques and uniting them under the same basic principles from a variety of different disciplines
  • The compound effect of staking properly structured training, recovery, nutritional and environmental stimulus

Compound Conditioning is a live system, meaning that it is subject to constant refinement and improvement. In its current state some of the CC systems key core principals are:

  • Movement-based training approach
  • Emphasis on skill development and neuro-muscular coordination
  • Progressive and scalable
  • Emphasis on mobility and development of control (strength) over the entire range of motion
  • Integration of rehab and prehab based upon individual needs
  • Full integration of recovery, nutritional and environmental training into the complete systematic approach
About Greg Mihovich Max Capable Tactical Training

Fight Training

We prepare for combat via practicing, refining and pressure testing our armed and unarmed fighting skills as realistically as possible in all ranges of combat under various conditions and appropriate rules of engagement.

    Martial art practice in my understanding has to serve the following purposes:

    • Be practical, adaptable and applicable to real world situations
    • Fortify mind and spirit of a practitioner
    • Simplify and narrow down the appropriate situational responses by utilizing a basic common movement platform
    • Build realistic attitude towards one’s fighting abilities
    • Strengthen the body for a lifetime and preserve the health of a practitioner for the time when it really counts

    In order to be combat effective in the real world, a martial arts system needs to have the right balance between the following components:

    • Tactical training, designed to maximize combat effectiveness and minimize wasted energy and resources
    • Mental and emotional training, designed to prepare and harden the mind for the realities of combat
    • Technical training, designed to enhance bio-mechanical fighting skills
    • Physical training, designed to enhance and maintain specific physical attributes required for combat
    • Pressure testing, designed to safely test and enhance combat effectiveness under various conditions, while putting together tactical, mental, technical and physical skills and minimize the gap between the “gym performance” and real-world combat applications.

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